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BetBrain 4 Business – Sports Data for Experts

BetBrain 4 Business is BetBrain’s Sports Data Feed engine. We are an experienced provider that has been present on the market for more than 10 years. It is this experience and interaction with clients and their needs that has tailored our vision, strategy and market penetration. At BetBrain, our main focus is to provide top quality sports data at the best market price. The value of our product lies in the ability to cover all possible events available on the market and creating odds which generate a very high margin for our operators. BetBrain Sports Data Feed – Better sports betting tools and professional solutions for your new or existing business!

The Facts

  • 8-12% average margin

    We don’t rely on chance! Our current customers are achieving margins of 8-12% a month!

  • 25,000 Live Events

    We offer more than 25,000 live events per month covering a wide range of tournaments, from major events down to amateur leagues and ITF tournaments, both international or continental clashes.

  • 14 sports covered live

    BetBrain covers over 14 sports with live odds such as Football, Tennis or Badminton and more keep being added.

  • Up to 300 betting markets

    Probably one of the largest range of betting types existing on the market! From the well-known markets such as 1X2 or Asian Handicap to specific betting types such as Bookings, Cards or Victory Margin. We even add markets on request from our clients with very fast turnaround.

  • 15 years experience

    Started as an odds comparison website in the form of the now renowned BetBrain, our success lead to the next natural step of creating, what’s now, an award-winning sportsbook from the ground up that serves needs from top clients in the industry and covers the most passionate markets in the world

  • Unlimited pre-live offer

    Collecting odds for a vast range of sports and events, BetBrain is probably offering the largest selection of pre-live sports data worldwide.

Product Highlights

  • Events Calendar

    We publish with two weeks in advance all the events from the industry, including their starting time.

  • Pre Live Odds Suggestions

    All events that we publish are accompanied by odds, there are over 300 markets available. All odds are continually updated to reflect market movements.

  • Live Odds Suggestions

    14 Live sports & up to 25,000 live events are covered on a monthly basis.

  • Live Score

    All the events covered with live odds have the live scores published for display purpose and settlement.

  • Live Stats and Widget

    Ball possession, corners, free kicks, shoots on target, we have them all and we present them in a very simple, elegant, and dynamic widget.

  • Settlement

    Millions of markets are settled in real time, on a monthly basis, in order to create the best user experience available on the market.

  • Trading Tool

    Change the payout, manipulate the odds manually, create new events or new markets, our trading tools are offering you those options.

Events calendar

We’re providing a full calendar of fixtures, events starting date and time and continuously verified background information for over 40 sports

All sports data is created and monitored constantly so you don’t need any manual setups anymore. Develop your sports betting offer based on accurate stats and news updated every single day.

Pre Live Odds Suggestions

Get ready in time for upcoming fixtures!

We deliver a large selection of betting types such as 1X2, Asian Handicap, Over/Under or Correct Score, traded by experienced professionals and complex algorithms in order to match your expectations. Our odds are calculated based on multiple parameters which don’t leave room to chance. Choose your own configuration and margin settings!

Live Odds Suggestions

Many unexpected changes may occur once the game has started!

With more than 25,000 monthly live events covered, our system possesses the knowledge to provide you with proper live odds including all relevant related bets such as goals, corners, scorers or bookings. All odds are moving in real-time. Existing clients take bets with no more than 6 seconds delay as insurance against delays in odds or score changes. This can be done thanks to our ultra-fast data processing and constant monitoring of all of our underlying odds sources to ensure that they are trustworthy.

Live Score

We supply live results for all events covered with live odds, there are more than 25,000 on a monthly basis.

Our live score is updated in real-time so tour players will not miss any important action. Not only can the data be displayed on your website, but you can use it for settlement as well. All markets covered with odds suggestions have an accompanying score feed.

Live Stats and Widget

Detailed football coverage! We analyze all relevant facts in order to provide the best and most useful live stats.

Watching the match progress via this widget keeps the adrenaline high for your players, it is so dynamic and realistic that can be matched only by a live streaming. The widget is of course fully scalable, done with modern HTML5, lightweight, and equally well fits mobile, tablet, and desktop presentations. We will customize the appearance to fit your front end design – and it’s all included. Currently we offer Football widgets, covering all major events monthly, with Tennis, Basketball and more sports coming in 2017

Real Settlement

Real Time Settlement

You don’t have to bother with the settlement, our system is taking care of everything. A real-time settlement is provided for our entire live & pre-live coverage. For each action happened in a game, our system is notified and all relevant markets are settled, in a matter of seconds, in order to allow your users to continue to wager their funds.

Trading Tool

Existing customers are achieving a margin of 8-12% a month!

Our trading team applies intelligent client clustering therefor ensuring a maximum of efficiency and security for your sports betting offer. That’s how we managed to obtain an average margin of 8% to 12% a month. On top of this, our system allows you to incrementally increase the odds for only a specific outcome or to manually input whatever odds values you desire. For more exotic markets and events which might be known only by your local market, we have the DIY system which is allowing you to manually create new events & markets.

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